Dry/Breaking Hair From Straightenng

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I believe I have a 3c type hair. I straighten my hair everyday with a chi and wash every second or third day. My hair is so very dry and breaks all the time. I have little pieces of broken hair on the sink while blow drying and using my chi straightener. What can I put on my hair to treat the dryness and stop the breakage. My hair also does not grow, it seems, at all even when I get it cut every 6 weeks. It always seems to stay the same lenght no matter if I get it trimmed or not.


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    hi! i would say that the "no growth" isnt really true. all those little pieces on the sink..yepper, thats where they went. do you ever go curly? my mother and sister have the same problemo.
    have you tried using caster-castor(spelling,lol)oil? my mother asked me for something for my sis for that same prob... so i looked it up and found castor oil. i might give it a shot. i hate my hair straight though...its so..so..poofy!! well, hope this helps deary! night! jen:toothy7:

    Biotera Styling gel (firm hold)
    Biotera Curl creme
    Sauve Naturals coconut conditioner as Co-wash and leave in.

    After all this I get about 3 or 4 days of good "wearable" hair.

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    You can try cutting down on the washing. and do you use a deep conditioning treatment? With all that heat damage u gotta use a deep conditioning treatment. Also, the settings for your chi might be too high. Do you smell ur hair burning? Do you protect your hair from the frying with a heat protectant? I hope ur hair starts to grow.. Ur hair needs some tenderness and conditioning, moisture. FEED IT!!
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