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I joined last week and started the CG method. I will probably go modified CG and use shampoo at some point but only doing CO washes every 3rd day for the past 6 days and my curls have never looked better. My hair does not smell or itch and it does not feel yucky at all. I have learned that plopping and pineapples really help. I am getting great clumping and I am going to try pixie curling today for the first time. I have learned that my hair does not need hairspray to hold curls together and therefore I do not end up with bad stiff hair the 2nd day. I have also learned how to clip my roots at my part to help my hair dry so that it stays out of my face when it is dry. It used to hang in my face and actually make my neck and shoulders hurt...I would end up clipping the front of my hair back all of the time. I will post pictures soon. Thanks for this awesome curly hair forum! I have learned so much and will continue to do so.
2b/slightly 2c
Growing out my hair-currently all one length....reaches just above my shoulders
Former flat iron junkie
Modified CG since 9/3/08
New regime:
California Baby Tea tree & Lavender shampoo (sulphate free shamp)when needed, Suave Tropical coconut condish, honey rinse, Biosilk Rock hard Gelee, plop, and add more gel, diffuse for more curly look and fuller results. I have to work to make my hair curly. My hair loves honey! Plopping and pineapples rule!


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