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Hello there fellow curlies! My name is Jessica, I am 30 yrs old and I am a stay at home mom and a US Navy wife currently stationed in Japan. I used to have beautiful curls when I was younger and then started to straighten them out. When i would try to go Natural again my curls were very ugly and not uniformed at all so I kept straightening for years and years.
in 2006 I got married and had a baby and then we moved to Japan. Moving to Japan meant that I would not be working anymore. I decided then to go ahead and get a perm so that I could get my curls nice and uniform again so that I could move to Japan with nice curly hair so that I wouldn't have to waste time straightening all the time. Being in Japan since 2006 I started to let my hair grow out and my curls grew out so beautifully and now I am totally in love with my nice curls. I started to slowly phase out Shampoo after talking to some other curly friends.
I am currently on a nice long vacation here in San Diego, California so I decided to get a nice color and cut...BAD IDEA!!! my curls are all yucky again..BLAH. I made an appointment with a nice lady who has received good reviews from this site. I called and asked for her advice on whether or not to go ahead and get a perm but she promptly told me "NO WAY". I made a consultation with her. My appointment is next week and I will be waiting in self loathing until then.
Other than that, I am sure to be lurking these forums and this site a whole lot more often.
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    Hi Jwalk! What an interesting story. I hope the appt w/ the new stylist goes well. She'll help you get back on track, I'm sure.

    We're glad you've joined NC and look forward to hearing more about your hair journey!

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    You are beautiful!