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Help a girl out. I can't figure out what type my hair is exactly. At one point in time I had my hair relaxed. And I still straighten my hair often with my flat iron. (Bad me, I know) But I've been trying my best to let my hair just be my hair. Sometimes I really love it, and if I had been a teen in the 80s I'd have been a hottie. I think I am a 2c, my hair being more wavy than curly, but with a coarse texture rather than a smooth one. But maybe I'm doing something wrong when I wash my hair, who knows? Anyway, as I said, I straighten often, so I don't have many pictures of my curly hair. I only have these to offer. ONE. TWO. THREE.

Please help me out. I know I have a combination (thanks to dad!) with the hair at the nape of my neck being straighter and smoother. I feel like it has no rhyme or reason to it, as you can see, it's always a guessing game with how it turns out.


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    I'm not the best at typing but it looks like 3A in the first pic and 2C in the other two. Which probably makes you a 2C/3A mix. :)

    If you're interested in not shampooing, there's a great sticky on the Going Shampooless thread for the Curly Girl method. With some TLC, I suspect your hair would be full on 3A or 3B.
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    I agree with whatsercurl. While all your pictures don't necessarily show it, you're probably a 3a or 3b. Your hair needs moisture, moisture and more moisture to show it's full curl potential. Once you stop doing those bad things, that some ladies do to beautiful curly hair, and get it really healthy--you'll be surprised at how great your hair will be.

    Also, you didn't mention products--and you talked about shampooing. If you're not CG, it would help to do at least a modified version. Here is a thread with some useful links:
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