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Do you do your sun salutations first thing in the morning? If not, when do you do your practice?

For those who do it in the morning, how did you get into the routine of doing them? What order does your morning stuff go? I often feel I'm too sleepy right after I get up, but I never want to practice once I've eaten. Also, this may seem like a silly question... what do you wear during your practice? Pj's? Your work clothes? I can't quite figure this one out... I only wear a big shirt to bed, so it falls up when I do downward-facing dog, but I don't want to practice in my "street clothes" because I can't move very well.

I have early classes (8:30) and am not really a morning person... how long does your practice take? What can you tell me that will make me want to get up that much earlier every day to do my yoga?

Thanks in advance... I've been wanting to get in the habit of doing yoga every morning, but I can't quite get the habit established.
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    I don't practice right now, but my preferred time was always around 2 pm.

    I've read that around that time, you are at your most flexible as your body has already warmed up some from daily activities. I have found this to be true for myself at least.
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    On days I'm working, I get up at 5:30 already so I don't do a yoga practice in the morning. I have a couple of days when I have yoga classes in the evening. A couple of days I practice before lunch. If I'm not working I usually do practice in the morning. I usually do a short meditation, some gentle stretches, then sun salutations, balances, standing poses, gentle backbends (my back is not ready for wheel pose in the AM), some hip openers, forward bends, and savasana. For some reason I don't usually feel much like doing inversions in the morning. It takes about an hour.
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    Right after my first cup of coffee. I change into a snug fitting top and yoga capris. Roll out my mat and begin. Takes 30 minutes. I'm a morning person.

    Maybe you could try it when you get home in the evening before dinner.
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    I do it after work, about 4pm. My body needs about that time to get loose. Im WAY too stiff in the morning. My back would fall apart if I tried anything more than brushing my teeth :)
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    Right before bed for me. I used to practice first thing in the morning. I'd wash my face, brush my teeth or have a cup of tea, and put on some form fitting pants. Usually I'd practice in the pants and a bra; occasionally just bra and underwear.

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    i pratice in the a.m., even though i am not a morning person. i usually shower first, to warm up my muscles, and then do about 30-45 minutes of the asthanga primary series. i blew out my shoulder last fall, so i'm slowly getting back into the swing of things. once my shoulder is stronger, i'll go back to taking morning classes before work.

    it just makes the rest of my day go so much better if i get my yoga on in the a.m. :toothy7:

    ETA: i usually wear yoga pants and a tank top. also: music helps get me motivated in the a.m. right now, i've been listening to the "elephant power" CD.
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    I do it after work, about 4pm. My body needs about that time to get loose. Im WAY too stiff in the morning. My back would fall apart if I tried anything more than brushing my teeth :)

    Ditto for me. I wake up at about 5:30 am and I barely want to get out of the bed. Lately, I've been practicing with Chas at He has free podcasts on itunes.