Giving up and accepting my curls

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I am looking for help. I am a thirty eight year old hispanic woman. I have never been able to accept my hair. I have lots of very tight curly course hair. I have always hated my hair and it has been a source of extreme anxiety for me. Just thinking about the years of hating my hair and in a way myself is bringing tears to my eyes as I type. For over twenty years now I have relaxed, blow dryed, and flat ironed my hair. My hair is dry, frizzy and even smells burned. Because washing and drying my hair takes so long there are often times that I can't wash my hair when I need to because I have no time. I have always dreaded going to the salon because often hair dressers have made insensitive remarks about my hair. Well I have decided that I need to stop doing this and just accept who I am. One problem is that I have no idea how I should cut my hair or style it. I see girls in magazines with these soft looking defined curls and just don't know how to make my hair look like that or even if I can. I don't know. Maybe I should just shave it off and buy a pretty wig. Does anyone know the secret to making very thick tightly curled hair look pretty?


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    Welcome to the boards and congratulations on deciding to embrace your curly hair. :occasion9:

    My hair is quite different than yours based on your description, but there are plenty of ladies on the boards who have hair like yours. I suggest looking around at people's photo albums and comparing it to your hair and then asking people with similar hair what they do. You could also try posting a picture of your own hair and people might have suggestions for you.

    You could likely benefit from the Curly Girl method. You'll find lots of info here on the boards about it. Don't be afraid to ask questions either, everyone is very nice :)
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    Welcome! We're glad to have you!

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    You are beautiful!