Tried it, didn't like it

CarnitaCarnita Posts: 32Registered Users
Just for the heck of it, I tried wearing my hair straight yesterday. It was a very bad hair day. My hair looked cottony and dry and wouldn't stay together in one mass, just like old times.

So, I went back to curls today, and all is well. My hair looks healthy and happy.

I've learned my lesson. :love2:

Baking soda wash, acv rinse

Aloe vera gel, experimenting with ky jelly :tongue3:


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    I went straight on Friday. I've been curly so long now, it looked weird. I went back to curls on Saturday.

    Curls FOREVER! :toothy7:
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  • CarnitaCarnita Posts: 32Registered Users
    I couldn't believe the difference it made in how healthy my hair looked. Straight - dry and unhealthy. Wavy - shiny and healthy. Same darned hair!

    Baking soda wash, acv rinse

    Aloe vera gel, experimenting with ky jelly :tongue3:
  • wavycurly40+wavycurly40+ Posts: 2,017Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    I know, wild, ain't it? On the rare occasion I "go straight," I love my hair for about 35 minutes (shiny! smooth!)..... and then it's taken over by flyaway frizz and weirdo "bumps" (flattened waves still trying to come out).

    On days when I'm frustrated with my hair, I comfort myself with the knowledge that my hair at least holds a "curly-ish" style much better than a "straight-ish" one!

    Wurly and proud!
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