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Does anybody have a suggestion on an inexpensive bean bag or bean bag chair? My boyfriend's daughter wanted one when we were at Target, but they seemed to be very cheaply made. I would like a bean bag or bean bag chair or one of those floor rocker chair things. I say I am looking for an inexpensive one, but I want one that lasts and is fairly comfortable. She is almost 10, by the way, but I might sit on it sometimes, too. :wink: Thoughts....Ideas...?


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    We have a Cord-a-Roy bean bag bed that we love! They are NOT cheap, but they change into a bed, which mitigates some of the cost IMO. It's very comfy as a chair and not bad as a guest bed at all. They are local to me, but I'm pretty sure you can order online. /home/leaving?" class="Popup
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    That does look nice. It would be great when she has friends over to spend the night, too. I think her grandma has just a regular bean bag like that, but it does not change into a bed. I might look into getting one of those. (I haven't looked at the price yet.)
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    I have a Lovesac. It's VERY well made, and very comfortable.
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    tantrum wrote: »
    I have a Lovesac. It's VERY well made, and very comfortable.

    Love those! So comfy. Pretty expensive if I remember right, though.

    The only drawback is that when we bought ours, they made us "assemble" them ourselves (not sure if they still do that). Basically, they gave you a compressed block of foam and other squishy materials, and you had to rip it apart to make it fluffy. That took forever, and it hurt my hands after a while.
    But it was worth it.

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    I'm pretty sure Pottery Barn Teen has some neat bean bags and floor rockers... it's probably not cheap but that stuff is made pretty well.
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    Thanks for all of the suggestions. I figured I would end up spending more money that I wanted, but I would rather spend more and get something that is comfortable and lasts for a longer.
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    We got a beanbag from The Company Store that is super cute but total crap. It's smooshed down to nothing and we've only had it a few months...and no one is ever on it except my toddler daughter and 14 pound dog. The cover is adorable (and WASHABLE) but the insides are a disappointment.

    My point being, don't buy one from The Company Store.