Moms to: Tween-Age Curly Girls

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My daughter (see pics at link below) loves her curly hair. I find that if I keep trying pretty clips and showing her different ways of styling her hair she feels like the "gorgeous" one and not the odd girl out.

I flatiron her hair once every three months so that she never wants to put chemicals. She thinks she has the best of both worlds and I'm so glad she feels that way!

It's so good to raise our daughters to love everything about themselves and NOT to want to look like everyone else. I also love that teen catalogs (Gap, Justice for Girls; etc.) are showing more pics of biracial and curly hair girls. It's beautiful.

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    I agree! Nowadays it seems like too many moms are straightening their kids' hair, perming it, or otherwise tampering with it when there are so many more important things that mothers should be focusing on, like their child's happiness or hobbies. Teaching your daughter how to work with her curls will help to instill a love of her hair that will last her into adulthood and beyond. I found that, since my mother never encouraged chemicals or straightening, I'm very open to wearing my natural curls. What you're doing for your daughter is fantastic, and I have to thank you for adding another curl-lover to the world!!!!
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