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nicoleshairnicoleshair Registered Users Posts: 49
Do you spend less money$$$, then when you was i stright head?
I'm Black/Native American with 4A or 4B hair? This is the second time i stop relaxing my hair! Thanks to this site.
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    It balances out. I don't pay for a professional to relax my hair but I'm always trying new products. It's about the same for me.
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    I voted No. When I used to relax my hair, I would go to the salon for touch-ups every 2-6 months (probably 4 months on average), and paid a fair amt to get my hair relaxed/trimmed/styled. But I was also using cheap conditioners and basically no styling products. Since going natural, I've saved a little bit in salon visits (have gone twice since my BC, and paid much less than before). But I don't even want to think about how much I've spent on products. :oops: I'm hoping this is b/c I'm still in the (relatively) early stages of my natural journey, and that my PJ tendencies will fade away once I get used to my hair and perfect my technique. But judging from others' posts, it doesn't necessarily work out that way!
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    It depends on what time of the year it is. I get product-happy around the holidays. :) Normally because I have more money to spend. And when it's a change in the seasons. I have to adjust my products when the seasons changes.

    But since I normally stick with my stapes, I spend less.

    Back in the day, I used to get my hair professionally styled every 2 weeks. So I spent about $100-120 a month on hair. More when I needed a touch up. This doesn't include the products I used to maintain a short do, all the way up to growing my short cut out.

    Since I haven't been to a salon in years, I spend less than a quarter of that a month. My conditioner lasts me about 3-4 months(33.8 oz at $16), my shampoo lasts about 6-9 months(33.8 oz at $15), and all of my gels last more than 4 months(all under $6 bucks).

    So, I think I spend WAY less as a natural(now) than when I was relaxed. Now, when I first became completely natural, I experimented much more to figure out what products worked best for me.
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