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softcoilssoftcoils Registered Users Posts: 39
Jan 12 2006
Had scrambled tofu for breakfast with half slice of whole grain wheat anf f/f jam. Drank water instead of skim.

Will not work out until about 6 today, so dinner will be a little late, but am thinking left over whole grain wheat spaghetti from yesterday to save time. May have cranberry or water.

For lunch may have grilled chees (f/f cheddar cheese) and little rice on the side with baby carrots. Will definitely have water AND skim with lunch.

Am carrying grapes for inbetween munchies.
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  • CherishCherish Registered Users Posts: 1,847
    Jan 12, 2006

    Had sourdough toast, yogurt and coffee for breakfast

    Lunch will be a sandwich on the run because I have errands

    Dinner will be out with a friend - I hope we end up somewhere reasonably healthy.

    Working out will difficult to fit in - will try to do about 5-10 mins of intense weights before bedtime.

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