To Cut or Not to Cut.....

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that is the question??? I am really considering getting a C Cut by Kristen James (curly hair specialist). My hair is just growing up and up. That's ok. My hair is soo big on top and less bulky on bottom (if that makes sense). But I think when my stylist cut it. She only cut my relaxed ends off and didn't give me any shape. I want to keep the length. But I want better curl definition and less bulk. That's what the cut promises. What do you think? I just bced a few weeks ago. Is it too soon for a cut?
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    Hey cclark...

    Honestly, I'd recommend that you hold off on getting a cut. Transitioning hair and natural hair are totally different in my opinion so once you BC you have to give your natural hair time to fall into it's own natural shape.

    I noticed that around 6 months after my BC my hair finally started to fall into place and my curls totally popped on their own. The first year is the hardest for most people, and usually results in some horrible looking hair days, LOL...In time it'll get better:wink: But if you really can't stand it then I say do whatever will make you happy:)
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    I agree with CurlyTD. Don't cut it yet, give it some time. I have the same problem you're talking about - the bulkiness on the bottom - and that's because my hair was cut in layers. You can have somebody cut it in a shape, but remember that curly hair acts differently than our old relaxed hair. I think your hair is still in that awkward stage (hell I'm still in it LOL) and you have to give it time. I would either alternate and do a few weeks curly, a few weeks straight (don't kill me ladies) until it grows out some more or I would put it in a ponytail for a while and not fuss with it too much.

    4A ladies with shoulder length hair and beyond... how long did it take before your hair started to go down?
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    its never too soon to get another hair cut!

    a few days after my BC i got it cut even shorter because the top was just too long. it was like a reverse mullet. im one of those people who doesnt see short(er) hair as a curse. whats the point of having long(er) hair if its unhealthy, not the shape you want, or youre not getting what you know your hair could achieve??? im not saying your hair is unhealthy, but we've all seen people hold onto long damaged hair just for the sake of not getting it cut. plus if you really just want a shape, not much length (if any) would be taken off.

    im not a full 4a, but it took my hair well over a year (maybe even 2) to go down instead of out. my BC was very short, so i was literally starting from scratch. even now that i do have longer hair i can see the growth more through the width of my hair versus the length.
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    Because you just BC'ed I would say give it a little time. It does take awhile to figure out how your natural hair performs.
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    I agree to give it a little time. I BC'd about 4 months ago and I'm still going to wait another 2 months before I try to get a haircut. My shape is odd too.

    I agree that the hair takes a little time to come into its own, so to speak.
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    Wow - I could go either way with this one. I did my own bc and thought is came out lop-sided. I had already promised myself I wouldn't go back to a stylist, because I was so afraid of the stylist not listening to me and doing her/his own thing - basically scalping me. Long story short, I did go back in for a cut, and I'm happy I did. She a gave me a nice trim and removed some relaxed ends I had missed, and gave me a nice shape. For me it was a nice experience. Maybe you should give yourself a couple more weeks and if you're still unhappy with how it looks, then i say go for it.
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