Do you have a curly hair nickname?

Just for fun.........

When I was in junior high & high school I got called Poodle Head an awful lot, & not in a nice way. :cry: You know how mean kids can be.

Ever since I went CG, I have a coworker who calls me Shirley Temple, & in a nice way. :toothy7: Shirley got her spiral tubes from a curling iron, I got mine naturally. That name has stuck, & it doesn't bother me one bit. :wink:


  • Gemini13Gemini13 Registered Users Posts: 5,000
    Poodle seems to be a common one- I definitely got called that a number of times when I was younger.

    My husband sometimes calls me Little Big Hair. LOL
    Brooklyn, NY

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  • gemini12gemini12 Registered Users Posts: 146 Curl Neophyte
    I think I'm in the minority, I was never called names because of my curls.

    But, my mom has very naturally curly hair (I'd guess 3c bordering on 4a) and she was called "Fuzz" all through high school. To this day (45+ years later) she still runs into former classmates who call her "Fuzz" this point she's just resigned to it! :laughing7:
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  • curlyneencurlyneen Registered Users Posts: 138
    In elementary school I was called, "Curly Fry," and "Curly Sue." Then in high school one guy at work told me I looked like a Q-tip because I'm so thin with big hair on top.
    Nothing recently, though... What's not to like now? :wink:
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  • tiffanydbtiffanydb Registered Users Posts: 64
    How about Mushroom?:thumbdown:

    Poodle is pretty popular.
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  • AlexaAlexa Registered Users Posts: 208
    My hair was pretty short & blowdried straight during most of my school days, until the eighties that is when big hair was the fashion anyway: so no nicknames there.
    I did get called lion-head a couple of years ago but in a kindly teasing sort of way & it didn't stick.
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  • reddragonreddragon Registered Users Posts: 18
    My brother, sister and I were called "Hair Bears", it was a cartoon, I hated that, good thing it was 18 years ago. Now everyone wants my hair.
    3 a/b, fine hair that controls my life.
  • msgibletmsgiblet Registered Users Posts: 5,825
    I've been getting Goldilocks ever since I've gone curly and let my hair grow. - pw: gibber -- Pics Added 7/10/11
    Fine, Thick, Normal Porosity, Normal Elasticity

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  • PoodleheadPoodlehead Registered Users Posts: 6,959
    Where do you think I got my userid? ;)

    Poodlehead, Pooch. All very common in Jr. High.
    Minneapolis, MN
  • marinacurlzmarinacurlz Registered Users Posts: 1,720
    I can't say as I had any because my hair was stick straight until puberty hit at about 13/14 and it started to get wavy. I really wasn't a "curly" until my late teens. But people made fun of my face instead, ie "alien", "monkey", "racoon"(I have dark circles under my eyes-always have.) Sounds silly now, but it definitely wasn't at the time. But think now girls how many of those jerks would kill to have your exotic, sexy full head of gorgeous curls! Hehehe, I love being a part of this family!:blob7::toothy7:

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  • nynaeve77nynaeve77 Registered Users Posts: 7,135 Curl Novice
    My sisters used to call me S.O.S. (like the scouring pads). They both had stick-straight hair as little girls but now they're both curlies. Gotta laugh at karma, huh?
    "Maybe Lucy's right. Of all the Charlie Browns in the world, you're the Charlie Browniest."--Linus, A Charlie Brown Christmas

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  • unique87unique87 Registered Users Posts: 71
    Yeah I have a nickname my friends call my joan a.k.a. tracie ellis ross off the show girlfriends but my boyfriend calls me sideshow bob off the simpsons I'm just thrilled about that one.:sad8:
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  • poopinpineapplespoopinpineapples Registered Users Posts: 13
    Someone used to call me "Medusa" in early high school before I learned how to take care of my hair. It didn't bother me too much though.

    shampoo/conditioners: Body Shop Honey Shampoo, B2B pomegranate conditioner, V05 vanilla mint tea conditioner (cowash).
    styling stuff: HE TT gel and mousse, HE SMU gel, Re:Coil, LOOB, flax seed gel
    also: ACV, honey, coconut oil
  • rudeechickrudeechick Registered Users Posts: 6,726
    unique87 wrote: »
    Yeah I have a nickname my friends call my joan a.k.a. tracie ellis ross off the show girlfriends but my boyfriend calls me sideshow bob off the simpsons I'm just thrilled about that one.:sad8:

    Ya gotta love a guy that references the Simpsons....
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  • SunshineGrrlSunshineGrrl Registered Users Posts: 3,823 Curl Neophyte
    Never had curly nicknames when I was younger because I straightened all through high school and I learned how to be really good at it.

    Now that I wear it curly and henna it red, people call me Sassy Pants. I've always been sassy, but I guess the red makes it more obvious? And it's not like one person heard and the others followed. It's totally unrelated people who call me that.
  • SystemSystem Posts: 39,060 Administrator
    Poodlehead at work.
    Nappyheaded Monster in high school.
    Curlygurly, narly darlin' by my husband.
  • Jess2316Jess2316 Registered Users Posts: 617
    Poofs by an ex bf..he used to tell me that my hair was alive and was always "worrying" that it was going to attack him. He stills calls me that to this day and I maybe hear from him once every couple years or so.
    3a fine hair (I think)

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    I love CK and B&A gel...I like HETT Mousse
  • ibraidhairibraidhair Registered Users Posts: 343
    Nobody ever gave me nicknames because of my hair. Now they did call me things because I was shy and quiet, and because I was skinny, and because I was the only one in my class who aced the chemistry final exam (I'm not that smart, just studied really hard).

    I know a girl who has the name Autumn so a bunch of people started calling her Spring because she had really curly hair. It wasn't meant to be mean, just playful teasing.
  • SuzzetteSuzzette Registered Users Posts: 49
    My family still calls me simba, you know from the Lion king!!! Yea, I know! When I was little my hair would poof up and I seriously did look like simba... lol :laughing7:
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