NASTY amazon comment!

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This is just mean,
"I know a couple of people of the "crunchy" persuasion who swear by this method. They'll say "oh, my hair is so much healthier and more voluminous now". Funny thing is, every last one of them has exactly what you'd expect from someone who abstains from shampoo... greasy nasty looking hair. Sure the built up dirt and grime causes your hair to appear to have more "texture", thus the curliness, but it also looks dirty too. If you use this method and your thinking "no, that's not true. My hair doesn't look dirty"... really, your hair does in fact look gross.

Seriously, shampoo is not that expensive. Go get yourself a 99cent bottle of Suave and stop kidding yourself. If you want curls, get a perm or use curlers."
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    WOW what IGNORANCE!!!! :angry7:We should ALL post our comments and put this person in her place!!! I'm gonna do it NOW!

    Here's another DUMB comment made "I hhave always had very coarse, curly, unruly hair. I would never follow the advice in this book and not use shampoo or a hair brush. That sounds gross and filthy. I just did not agree with the author. If a stranger stopped me in public and inquired about letting my hair grow out curly, I would quickly walk away."
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    I'd have to say that on this very site, I've seen photographic evidence that CG does in fact work very well and not gross at all. What a doofus.
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    Yeah for dirty hair! :tongue5:

    I (heart) greasy curls.

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    Sounds like someone needs some "hours on the couch" working out her issues with her own curly hair. LOL
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    Wow. And that, my friends, is our good friend "Mr. Jealousy"...
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    Lol. I guess I love my dirty hair then. No poo for me!
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    THAT WAS ME!!! HAHAH JK!!!! thats funny that u posted that because i read it a few days ago!!!! i couldnt believe it!!:angry7: im kinda new at the cg thing. i havent washed my hair with "poo" in 2 months and its never looked better!!!:tongue5: jen im so glad i found this site. my husband is deployed and it gives me something else to do!! ive met so many nice ppl on here!

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    There will always be ignorant people out there. I'll bet if they ever met any of us they wouldn't believe we don't shampoo!
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    Interesting that both of those very negative comments are from people who never even tried the method! It sure doesn't give any weight to their opinions for me and just makes them sound ignorant. I'd have a lot more respect for somebody who posted a negative response that they tried the method and it just didn't work for their hair than somebody who comes on and just starts spouting that the method is "gross".
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    It's a stupid comment made by a stupid person. People always knock what they will never have the guts to try. Just smile and nod, and then come here and we can all laugh about their ignorance together.
  • Gemini13Gemini13 Registered Users Posts: 5,000
    Yes, those comments are definitely ignorant, and I thought about posting my own review so other curlies wouldn't get turned off. But then I looked at the ratings- 180 people gave the book a 4 or a 5, 11 gave it a 3, and only 7 people gave it a 1 or a 2. I'm not too concerend about those 7 people.
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    I read all those reviews a few weeks ago, when I first found I wasn't sold yet on the no-poo thing (and still need a sulfate shampoo myself, despite it all), but I wouldn't ever say the method itself is gross or bad for anyone. CG is the kind of thing you have to try for yourself. Is it going to work for everyone? Of course not. But that doesn't mean there's anything wrong with it.
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    What an awful thing for that reviewer to say. I agree, I'll bet it's just jealousy. I bet that reviewer's hair is greasy and full of dandruff. Or, maybe that's just me hoping. It's also probably just someone who made that review to get a laugh out of people, or to get that book to not sell. Well, it's not working. This website is amazing, and so is the author. Go CG!!!!!
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    :protest: Those were really ignorant people. I absolutely love that thread with many of your before and after pics on there-you gals have some gorgeous curlzzzzzzzzzzzz!

    I admit before I tried CG I was skeptical, afraid my hair would be greasy or dirty looking. But as my grandmother always said: "Don't knock it, til you try it."

    I also agree with the jealousy idea. "When you are green with envy, you are ripe for trouble". Hahaha, face it ladies....


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    I reported it. That was just rude and in no way had any relevance to the book! I hate to say it, but some people can be so stupid! It's below the review.
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    I had to leave her a comment. I said this:

    "Some of us don't want fried, blonde, straight hair. Some of us want healthy, natural hair. I'm a stylist, and this method has merit. I use it though I use non sulfate shampoos. That suave shampoo you're talking about is worse on your hair than this method will ever be."

    TO THOSE THAT USE SUAVE: don't take that part of the comment to heart. I think Suave has it's place and have used it in the past and is good for CO washing especially, since it's cheap. I was trying to make a point to her though.

    I mean, how stupid can some people be???? I wonder what she'd think if I told her I use CV soap bars and Oils and ACV on my hair and that's it???????
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    I bet money that the girl who made that comment is a person with low self-esteem who enjoys putting others down to make themselves feel better. Besides I think my "dirty" curls are just fierce!

    I envy you and those beautiful curls N.D. Aube! But it looks like I've finally found my hair twin (or the closest person to it). This calls for celebrations! *does happy dance*:headbang:
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