Blow drying the hair- do ya or don't cha?

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If you don't, why? If you do, what products and heat appliance is used and how often do you do it?


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    I don't in hot weather because most of my hair dries really quickly. I figure I could be doing better things with that time. I also don't want to dry out my hair any more than it does on its own. And I'm probably saving a little electricity. When it gets cooler I blowdry (with a diffuser on cool--maybe a little warm if I'm in a rush) just to keep myself from feeling cold when I step out the door.
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    Hi Bubblin! I don't straighten often and when I do I usually try to directly after a wash and deep treat but just this weekend two days after I deep treated I just co-washed my hair with Trader Joe's Nourish and rinsed the conditioner out...Then I applied Infusium23 leave in treatment and my heat protectant ICFantasia heat protectant and straightening serum (which works like a charm because my hair reverts right back to curly when I wash) I put my hair in about 8-12 fat twists and after I unraveled the twists I proceeded to blow dry on low but I found that this didn't really help much...I probably should've used high heat but I am extra careful when it comes to the heat as I prefer my hair curly so I want it to revert right back when I wash...Anyway, my hair was pretty tamed after I undid the twists so I just flat ironed the rest without blowdrying...Check out my fotki and my photobucket pics of my hair after using the aforementioned routine...The pics aren't too impressive because I was going to put it up in a bun but you get an idea of how straight it got especially when it was bunned up...HTH...I've only been natural for 1year and a half and so far I have straightened 3 times within that period...I don't straighten often because I want to preserve my curls and I actually think my curly hair fits me better than wearing it straight and it is sooooo much easier for me to do a washngo!
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    i dont diffuse my hair (on a regular basis), typically i air dry because its easier.
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    I don't diffuse either...I always air dry. Its easier and I get smoother results (less frizzy...). Thanks for the pm ;)
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    I hate blow drying cause it makes my hair hard (same prob. when I was relaxed). When I air dry/take my time applying product, I get silky results!
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    You mean diffusing or blow drying the hair straight? I've never diffused. I just really started my wash and go routine this summer so I haven't had the need to. I don't know what I'm going to do in the winter because I've read about some people getting dry fuzzy ends because of the heat. I haven't blow dried my hair straight for about 2 months now because I'm afraid lol. I have some areas in my hair that are heat damaged (I used to flat iron every 1-2 weeks) and I don't want that to happen again.
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    I havnt blow dried my hair in 4 years. I just dont like the way it makes my hair feel; dried out like straw or something. Nope, definately not for me, I just let it air dry =]
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    I diffuse, but not so much in the warm sunny weather. Then I just plop and air dry. I'll be diffusing more when the cold weather comes.
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    If you mean to straighten - I rarely blowdry. On the occasions I straighten my hair I rollerset then flat iron. When I go cut my hair, the stylist usually rollersets then blowdries my hair.

    For curly hair, I didnt use to diffuse because I remember my first go round at being natural w the cheapie dryers which was a big frizzball. But with my bioionic I get really nice defined curls. Overall, I usually airdry but I'm trying to add more time on cowash days to diffuse.

    I like it because it really gives me an idea of how my hair is going to turn out. I don't have to walk around with wet hair. And I can control my hair hair doesnt control me. If you get what I mean.

    I haven't experienced any difference in my hair whether I diffuse or not. But I dont apply the diffuser directly on my scalp like I think you're supposed to. I just let the air hit the strands from above. Another safe option is a hooded dryer. Not all heat is dangerous. And hooded dryers are a pretty healthy alternative.

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    I would blow dry for a few minutes every now and then to take the excess water off...that is until the dern thing snapped and popped at me before screeching to a halt this morning. :( I'm off to WalMart for a new one.

    Oh and I would sit under one during hennas or DT for about 20-30 min.
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    I don't because it takes too long and I have to get on with my day. Without a diffuser I get shrunken frizz and with it...well I'll never know because it takes too long. But its a good way to get a head start.
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    I only diffuse my hair in the winter. Otherwise, i'm an air dry girl.

    I will use a bonnet dryer for my DTs or when doing an aphogee treatment.
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