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i love your website! i just wish i'd found it sooner! i haven't had a chance to search the entire site yet so maybe you have a section on keeping hair healthy after coloring and i just haven't found it. if not it'd be cool if you considered having one!
i have naturally curly hair (of course) and have been dyeing it every 5-6 weeks for the past 3 years or so. i've found products that not only work great on my hair naturally, but keep it looking great after coloring.
i'm sure you know that coloring can seriously damage your hair. i use deep conditioners (usually pantene) every day whether or not i shampoo and leave them my hair for about 5 minutes while i wash my body. i then use dimethicone-based serums (favorites are zero frizz and citre shine for effectiveness, and best scent and price) on my hair while it's wet. the combination keeps my hair soft, frizz-free, and virtually undamaged. even though my hair is bright red, most people think it's my natural color because my hair is so healthy-looking!
i love the site and will be sending my picture in soon!


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