I did a mini-chop of my hair line

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This probably sounds a little absurd. But I did a mini chop along my hair line. It looks kinda crazy but it is easier to manage than straight pieces sticking up everywhere. Prior to the mini chop, I had really straight hair in the front and some of the pieces had been singed by a hot comb. The rest of my hair even the relaxed part is quite curly. This portion of my hair was never curly and was a little thinner than the rest. This area would probably be characterized as the bang area and hair line. But the hair in this area of my head is a completely different texture than the rest of my head. But I am learning to work with it and love it. I think the hair in this area is a 4a/4b. It is very springy and easily molds into twists and braids. But it will not stay moist. The rest of my hair retains moisture and is supple and soft. I suspect that the hair in this area is probably somewhat damaged. However, it is not thin at all, but it is very rough and lacks the supple nature of the rest of my hair. Anyone have any suggestions? I know it is probably going to take awhile before the hair along my hairline become healthy again. But I am open to options that will speed up this process.

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    hi kaymoore,

    maybe thats just the way your hair is in that area? i have a little area at the top of my forehead(bangs) that is not like the rest of my hair. it has no defined curl pattern, i usually finger coil it so it can blend in with the rest of my hair. the texture is rougher and wiry even when drenched with conditioner. i know it isnt damage because i havent straightened or done anything potentially damaging since i transitioned and the hair is that way from the root to the end.
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