Moving from UK to Dubai! What products do I take with me?

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Hello everyone. It looks as if we are moving to Dubai for a 3 year stint. After a really serious hair crisis when most of it fell out (My GP cried "Good Grief!" when I took off my beanie) I changed my hair routine -I use CG friendly products, co-wash, and basically I don't straighten my curls to death anymore :cyclops: !
I started using the American Vo5 milk moisture milks (they are quite CG friendly) from Poundland and Almond and Coconut cond from Original Source. I also use Boot's pink curl creme (never found the white one).
Does anyone know if they sell these products in Dubai, or should I stock up like mad before we leave? Also if any of you have any advice about products for REALLY hot and DRY climate, please let me know!!! Thanks


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    Stock up like mad. I'd also suggest laying in a supply of turtlenecks and don't hold hands with your hubby outside of your home!
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  • LiliputLiliput Registered Users Posts: 55
    Oh, noooooo. I guess I have to be clever about stocking up in case they think I am trying to set up a beauty supply shop! :wink:

    does anybody know if they sell the american Vo5 conditioners in Dubai????

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