Oyster Speghetti Sause(sorry I do eye measureing)

nicoleshairnicoleshair Posts: 49Registered Users
I useed:
Olive Oil(perferd)
Veg Oil
Freash Garlic
Freash Onion
1 Small can of Oysters
dried Basil
dried Oregano
2 cans of Tomato Sause
Seasoning Salt

Saute: garlic,onion,basil,organo,and seasoning salt in oil until onion are a creal color then add oysters, stir occasionally then add tomato sause.
let it simmer on low heat for unlit speghetti is done( you should start the pasta while making the sause.dont let the sause cook down. good luck
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  • disneylovedisneylove Posts: 112Registered Users
    did you use the juice that comes with can oysters in the sauce or did you drain first?
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