Mousse and Hairspray?

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Can anyone suggest a mousse and hairspray for 3b shoulder length dryish (if thats a word:)) hair? I like mousse bc its not crunchy, I then go over it with a little spray gel(which also would be nice if anyone has a suggestion on that*)

Thanks a bunch!!!!:nike:


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    I am really loving the Herbal Essence Totally Twisted mousse.
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    Here are the list of mousses that I've used on either myself or my daughter's (2b) wavy hair.
    • Joico's Joiwhip: Strongest mousse I've tried. Dried quite crunchy though. If I use SheaM as a leave-in beforehand, I still had great curls and strong hold, but not as much crunch.
    • AG gel mousse: Works really well. It is a bit too soft for me, but works really well on my daughter's hair. She easily gets 3 day hair with this one.
    • Ouidad's Playcurl foaming mousse: Very good results .. consistency is like foaming soap, but same results as mousse.
    • Loma's Curl Mousse: Also very good ... same as above, more like foaming soap than mousse
    • Paul Mitchell's Styling Foam: Not bad, but not as good as any of the above IMO.
    The hairspray I like best is Aveda's Brilliant hairspray. I don't use it very often though. If I want some hold on my curls, I'll often use Jane Carter Solution's Spray Gel. It behaves similar to a spray, but is less drying.
    HTH :)
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    i loooooove tresseme its at target at its inexpensive they have a whole curl collection inc hairspary lite hold i use a little curls cream or lic as well bc i dont want my hair too hard
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