UK curlies! Anyone tried GUMHAIR products??

KasiaKasia Registered Users Posts: 24
Recently I bought a bottle of conditioner from GUMHAIR and I use it as a leave in, also on dry hair. The results are good (!!!) and the product is cheap as well. I know that there are more products of this brand like a serum etc. Have anyone tried something from this brand??
Long dark brown 3B curls! Still looking for the HG gel. I like CK and JCCC. Gonna try KCCC and KT :mrgreen:


  • AlexaAlexa Registered Users Posts: 208
    Hi Kasia,
    Ive never heard of GUMHAIR, where did you buy it from?
    & is it CG friendly?
    I would love to find a CG friendly leave-in that I can buy in the UK.
    U.K curly

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    Golden brown (coloured to cover grey).
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    Is this the same as the 'Gum' products they sell in Superdrug? White, black, or clear packaging with orange and purple logo type thing? If so, I've used the cranberry clarifying shampoo in the past and liked that. Also the heat protection spray is good.... but I don't use that any more! (I don't straighten any more)
    Haven't tried any of the other products though.
    Found this link, this is the range with the products I tried:
  • littlemisscurlylittlemisscurly Registered Users Posts: 161
    Great website, thanks for the tip, do you know where I can get hold of any, I've not seen any in Boots?

    3A hair, very boring brown colour, just over shoulders (aiming for BSL)
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  • RainbowCurlsRainbowCurls Registered Users Posts: 21
    I've seen the range in Superdrug. And they used to have it in Wilkinsons (not sure if they still do)
  • lunarisinglunarising Registered Users Posts: 71
    They sell this range in my Sainsbury's (Savacentre). I'll have a look on the labels to check for nasties when I go shopping!

    Modified CG - Suave coconut conditioner (CW), BC Down and Out, and and Aussie MM conditioner my current loves.

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