Long Time Lurker: Hello and Hair Rant

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Hi. I have visited this site for many years now. I have worn my hair natural for 20 yrs. give or take a year when I went straight! My hair is two entirely different textures straight and oily(crown down) then dry and curly(tops layers). The texture seems to be an issue for every hair dresser after my steady guy, back in Massachusetts(10 yrs. ago). Also, the California sun does a lot of damage to my curls.

So, I find out about this woman(nameless but recommended here) who has natural curls and is trained in a dry hair cutting technique that I have always wanted to have done. Its the best thing for curls like mine.

She gave me a look like I was a poor orphan child when I showed her the two parts of my hair and let her know how I usually have the curl matched with a perm on the straight stuff. She gave me a sad look and spoke as if I needed comfort. Anyway, she said she can cut my hair, but she likes to work with the natural way hair grows and doesn't do perms. I knew that would be the case.

I speak to the owner who is also totally baffled by my hair. She is concerned she can't match my curl and that the straight part is resistant to perm solution. She is very right about the second part. However my hair can be matched. Yes, that is a big challenge. But, that doesn't mean I don't want someone highly skilled to try.

I have an appointment for two weeks from now. The magical haircut will have to wait until I come back since the perm need to relax a bit first.

She commented that my curls are brittle. They are very dry, yes. But, I did not wear any product and my hair is mixed girls hair so they could see it's natural state. I am very light so folks assume I should have "white folks hair" aka soft and smooth. This frustrates me to no end but I can't see how it can be changed until I find another steady person to do my hair.

This has been a struggle for me since I was 16. Part of the reason I used to straighten it. But, I love my curls and want to nurse them back to health. oh, yah...I have been on a no poo reginmen for about 3 yrs.

btw: I have grown my hair out and it is just below shoulder length if pulled straight. That icon pic is old but gives a good idea of my curl.

Glad to be here! :hello2:


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    Welcome! We're glad you're here after so many visits! You'll find lots of good information and support on the site and boards. Have fun!

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