Which one? Please answer =)

Which one looks better?
The first picture is before I started CG and the second picture is 4 months after, in the second picture I used a curling iron to smooth out the curls and a flat iron to straighten my bangs for school, that's why they look kinda flat lol(trust me, they're not usually that flat)




  • cjohnson2010cjohnson2010 Posts: 58Registered Users
    The second one because it's less frizzy?
  • ImaniImani Posts: 21Registered Users
    Wow, you look like totally different people! Therefore, there is no comparison for me-- 2 totally different looks!
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  • rudeechickrudeechick Posts: 6,726Registered Users
    I have an odd vote - I'm not voting!

    I'd love to see what your curls look like now that you have been CG for 4 months. Can you post a pic of your hair less manipulated?
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  • *COLLEE**COLLEE* Posts: 95Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    I with rudeechick. Id like to see your curls now. But between the to, the second one.
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  • kat180kat180 Posts: 6,280Registered Users Curl Novice
    The second picture has less frizz but does look quite dry and damaged probably because of all the heat thats been applied to it. Id also like to see your hair natural on cg
  • SystemSystem Posts: 39,060 Administrator
    I'd say the first one because it has the promise of great curls with a little bit of TLC and moisture. What does your hair look like after you wash and condition if you dry naturally?
  • FrizzBgoneFrizzBgone Posts: 2,678Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    I'm with the crowd on this one. I'd love to see a new curly picture.

    I don't find the straight one as flattering and the hair looks dry and damaged. I'm not saying that it is ... I am the first one to admit that I'm not a fan of straightened curly hair, so my opinion is certainly curly-biased. Although I've seen some (mainly on actresses) that are nice, I normally find that it doesn't look like natural hair ... I find it almost always looks dry and lifeless.

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