Long Aid Activator Gel

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This stuff is great! I saw someone (honeycomb, I think?) recommend it on here and I went out and got it. I love it! I did some finger coils with it and my hair has never felt this good with a gel on it. I can't believe how moisturized it feels.

Just thought I would share!
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    I really like Long Aid too. My only problem with it is that I tend to be very heavy handed and the last few times I used it my hair felt too sticky, but I do agree - it does leave the hair very moisturized - not hard and crunchy like other gels.
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    Glad you had luck with it. I've played around with it, but I find that it leaves my hair kind of dull - I think it "overmoisturizes" my hair. But I agree, it definitely doesn't leave the hair crunchy. I wish I could get it to work!
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