Is tomorrow Raise the Price on Everything day?

SnarlsSnarls Posts: 2,537Registered Users
I swear, prices are going up overnight!

I know food companies have been keeping the prices level by sneakily selling smaller quantities in the same size container.

It just seems like all of a sudden, everything went up in price. I am really feeling it.

So here's one...a liter of CurlKeeper is now $42 (was $38. Dairy jumped up 10-20 cents. I like to buy these local whole grain rolls...they went from 75 cents to a dollar a roll!
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  • yagottaloveyacurlsyagottaloveyacurls Posts: 5,766Registered Users Curl Connoisseur
    I can't believe how much I just dished out for a freakin' cantaloupe. :sad8:
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    Food prices are going up a lot over here too. Cheaper stores like Aldi and Lidl are doing very nicely.
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    Canned tuna - I remember that a can used to be relatively inexpensive. Today I was at the store and one can was on sale for $1.95!
  • MagooMagoo Posts: 2,173Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    I agree. It's getting tough out there. We're trying to save for a house so it's even harder. I find myself really scrutinizing every purchase now and comparing prices from store to store. Luckily the stores are all close so I don't spend a lot on gas (another big expense lately!) going from store to store.
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