If you have fine hair does CG make your hair..

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weighed down and over-conditioned (frizzy)? Is some hair just too fine to handle conditioner washing?

I'm trying strict CG again (after using [buylink=http://www.curlmart.com/DevaCurl-LowPoo-p-54.html?utm_source=naturallycurly.com&utm_medium=text-link&utm_content=curltalk-post-text&utm_campaign=devacurl-devacurl-lowpoo]Deva Low Poo[/buylink], Jess. GL or a gentle sulfate poo every-other day for a year and breaking a daily shampoo habit before that.)

I clarified first and have been using Suave Water Lily as a co wash every other day. I do not want to wet my hair at all on the days I don't co-wash, not even for a water-wash. Working out daily, living in a humid climate, and my own body chemistry dictate that I go no longer than two days without some type of washing.

I'm getting a ton of frizz and my hair is acting very over-conditioned/weighed down. I've been strict CG for almost a month.

Are there any tips you'd suggest for me? I'm using a couple of palmfulls of the Suave conditioner, massaged in and rinsed very well. My scalp feels great but the rest of my hair looks a mess. A vinegar rinse once a week hasn't helped.

I usually use CK and Angell to style with Elucence MB as a leave-in. I've ruled out both CK and Angell as the problem. The currently popular FOTE and Africa oil haven't helped either. My 2nd day hair is especially frizzy-worse than it's been in many years.

Thanks for any input!


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    For some fine haired curlies and wavies, a sulfate-free 'poo is necessary, especially if your hair isn't particularly dry. Heck, my hair is coarse and I still need to use shampoo every once in a while b/c the ACV or lemon rinses aren't getting all the buildup off.
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    My indivdual strands are fine but I'm medium to thick for thickness.

    My hair curls better with less conditioner. As long as I whack on the CK, I can go without and I get the water from the air to encourage my curl.

    I've been conditioning my hair less and less as I like it better after multiple days of not even water washing or rinsing. I pineapple for working out and sleeping to be able to do this.

    I recently switched from a very moisturizing conditioner (Kenra) to Sauve as an experiment. I think I'm going to stick with it. I also only co washed with the Sauve and didn't add any additional conditioner. So hardly any Sauve would've been on my hair. I used SLIP, which I believe could be considered a leave in, and my hair wasn't nearly as heavy as it is typically is Day 1 and 2. (I tried this two weeks ago and didn't use any leave-in or anything and I had terrible results.) If you're using all water soluble products, this may work for you too. I know calamitym has a bunch of posts about her hair too easily becoming over conditioned. She has done similar things to ensure that doesn't happen.

    I'm still trying to figure out some of the ways products can be used and/or left out of a routine to get the best results. I had one of the best hair days ever (it's my avatar) on Friday and I think that it was Day 4 or 5. Can't remember exactly when wash day was.

    FYI - FOTE isn't for me either. Makes my hair like a chia pet - ever growing!

    But I :love4: CK!!!!
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    My hair is fine and I'm CG. I do wet my hair everyday. Originally, I cowashed a few times a week, now once or twice. Some of your products may be causing your problems. CK is supposed to help with frizz. If you're having a lot of frizz, why use it? The glycerin in the CK may make it greasy, some complain of that. The Elucence MB could be too heavy as a leave in for you. You may need to switch products or at least rotate them.
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    Is it dry and frizzy or soft and frizzy?

    I used Elucence as my rinse-out for a little over two weeks and it completely dried out my hair and left it majorly frizzy, even when wet! So I've cut that out and stopped using products with protein. It seems to be helping.

    If it's soft and frizzy, I'd say it's overconditioned. Up the ACV rinses to a few times a week and cut back on co-washing. You can still water wash.

    If it's dry and frizzy, I'd say it's a sensitivity to an ingredient. Protein or glycerin. Some people get frizz with FOTE, so that's entirely possible too.
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    Soft and frizzy. Not dry.
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    I sometimes will shower and use hardly anything. Next time you take a shower, gently scrub scalp with fingers under the running water. It will lossen any dirt and excess cond. Then depending on hair length,use just enough to detangle your hair in the shower and then rinse it completely. Style as usual and the prob should be gone.

    Scrubbing the scalp is key. Removing access sebum and cond., enables the roots to lift again and helps get rid of that flat look.

    With frizz, use extra gel on those areas. It may feel a lil crunchy, but this is just a temporary situation until your hair and scalp get put back in order.

    Now there are sometimes my hair will do the frizzy flat thing due to weather factors. In those instances, I utilize clips, barrets, whatever I have handly and turn the frizzy flats into something cute.

    HTH :wink:
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    I am completely lost... what is CG? I have seen this acronym many times this weekend and I have no idea what it means. I am new to this forum.


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