My brother is free and happy again!

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About 6 months ago, my brothers drinking problems got worse and had an angry episode at my parents place. He was borrowing all kinds of money from them, never telling them why, and would be emotional and drunk every time he would visit.

There was a point where he realized he needed help. He went to our family doctor, they pointed him out to a hospital and we all found out he had bipolar disorder, and his chemical unbalance was only getting worse because he wasn't taking the right medications.

He refused to. He went in hiding for weeks, and he had basically destroyed every brain cell he had by drinking nonstop. We had him taken to the hospital for a few days, and then checked him in to a rehabilitation center about half an hour away.

We visited him every 2 weeks, and he was only getting better. He quit smoking, quit drinking, and quit his old lifestyle. He has been clean for 6 months and counting, he got an apartment and I got him a temporary job as a volunteer at the school I work at. He has been talking to grade 8 students about drugs and alcohol, and how to avoid it.

We are all very happy for him.
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    Thats such a happy end to a story that too often ends badly.

    I'm glad your brother was able to pull out of that cycle, and proud of him as well even though I don't know him :)

    I hope he keeps up the good work, and realizes how lucky he is to have a supportive family like yours seems to be :)
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    Congrats! It's really, really hard to pull oneself out from a cycle of addiction; he must have put in a lot of hard work for that.
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    What an accomplishment! He's really lucky to have a family that stuck with him.
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    Amazing job. I think talking about it with other people can only help him and inspire others. Congratulations to him!! :thumbup:
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    That's really great!
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    I hope he is happier. He really cleaned it up and I bet took some effort.
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    This is so great. I'm really happy for you guys!
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    Thank you so much for your kind words. Actually, according to my watch, one of his job interviews is over in less than 10 minutes.

    I'm crossing my fingers and hoping he gets the job. I think he applied for a paying job at a youth detention center, so he can keep up rent. He plans on going back to school and studying business.
    "Women are made to be loved, not understood."
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    Congrats to him!
    I wish my GP wasn't so much of a ****up... :sad8:

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    That's wonderful. :) Be very proud of him, it's tough to break free. I have a favorite cousin that's been clean for about 8 years, I'm very proud of him and the life he is building. :) All the best to your brother and his future.
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    Congratulations and continued best wishes to your brother! As a recovering alcoholic with bipolar disorder, I know how hard it is to live with both a mental illness AND an addiction.
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