So, I tried honey today...

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and I really can't tell much of a difference. The only things I noticed were that my flyaways were reduced and my hair seemed to be not as stringy, but my frizz seems to be worse.

Here's what I did:

I did a carrot creme DT all of yesterday, then shampooed with a little bit of VO5. Then I added a few drops of honey to my VO5 conditioner and worked it into my hair. Now here is one place I may have gone wrong. Usually when I apply my products (shampoo, condish, w/e) I do it in thirds: one third for the underside of my hair and scalp, on third for the hair on top of it, and a final third for the hair that hangs down. I may not have added enough honey and conditioner for the bottom part (hanging down) hair. But wouldn't my DT make up for this (I concentrated my DT on the ends of my hair)? I know my DT and shampoo/condish have proteins, but I have never had a problem with them before. Does honey increase protein retention?

For styling, I turbied my hair in a microfiber wrap, sprayed my usual leave-in and then addded curl creme, raking through with my comb and then fluffing to revive the curl. The leave-in part I may have also made a mistake: I used a little less than usual.

Everything else in my routine was exactly the same, and I usually get good results. So why was it so different this time with honey? Can anyone explain this to me?

I really want honey to work for me, but if it leaves my hair worse, I'm going to be sad. What are all the ways you use honey, and how much do you use of everything?


  • FeralcurlsFeralcurls Posts: 408Registered Users
    If it makes you feel any better my hair hates honey! Have tried a couple of ways and the end result is always frizz. And it is frizzy when wet with the honey in too!!
  • baikabaika Posts: 117Registered Users
    Well, you used so little honey that it might have not had any effect on your hair. (If I understand you correctly, you rinsed it out.) I don't know how much I use (I don't really measure things like that) but I can assert you that I don't add it in drops. My best estimation would be: squeeze Mr.Bear for several seconds :toothy7:I think people mix it with their rinse out conditioner in 1:1 ratio.

    It may also be that your hair doesn't like honey. Still, I would give it a few more chances.

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