I guess ACV is my favourite styling product :D

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Here are a few thoughts (and questions too) about ACV rinses.

I did a heavy, oily DT today (one that would probably take a lot of cowashing to get out) and I decided to ACV-rinse it out. I didn't cowash, I didn't water-rinse, I just poured a half a gallon of diluted ACV over my DT'ed head. I didn't really think that would be enough but, you know, I like to experiment :toothy7:

It did work! (It probably no discovery and everyone knows about it but I was a bit surprised.) Is anyone doing that? Is it negating the effects of DT on a long run? Was that ACV rinse too strong? :laughing7:


Also, after I did the ACV-rinse, I didn't put ANYTHING in my hair. I just let it air-dry (it dried quite fast).

My hair looks so good now, bouncy defined curls, no frizz at all. My styling products don't give me such good hair like that ACV rinse did! :wink: Too bad I can't style with ACV every morning :toothy7:Does anyone experience that?


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    Why can't you style with ACV every morning? It doesn't seem like it would pose any problems...It just closes the cuticle of the hair.

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    Why can't you style with ACV every morning? It doesn't seem like it would pose any problems...It just closes the cuticle of the hair.

    I guess I'm worried it would dry my hair out on a long run. Maybe it's worth a try. If the FOs I'm ordering are going to be a reasonable way of changing the scent, I might try it. Otherwise, I don't think I could handle ACV smell EVERY MORNING :wink:

    Have you heard of anyone using ACV on every day basis, SunshineGrrl?
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    There are a few people on here who use it every time they shower. I don't remember names, though, sorry.

    As for the drying effect. I think if you're diluting it, it shouldn't be too terribly drying. If your hair starts to dry out, I would imagine that using more moisture intensive conditioners would remedy that. Also, I hear (from Botticellibabe) that mixing an equal amount of honey with ACV might help with any drying effect it might have.

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    I forgot about ACV rinses. I should do it again. I have been having terrible hair days for the last few weeks. I have experienced great hair in the past after using the ACV. Thanks for the reminder. I'm glad that it is working so well for you!
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    I think mixing honey in might dry the hair as well-honey+water creates hydrogen peroxide (granted, small amounts) but enough to alter the color of your hair with extended use.....that's why putting honey on an infected cut will get rid of the infection.

    Dilution might change it, no idea.....just a thought...might be a totally invalid one, hopefully someone knows more than I on the subject.
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