Drew sateen capris from The Limited

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Does anyone own these? If so, do you put yours in the washer? After washing one of the pairs that I have a couple of times, I noticed that it says "Dry Clean" on the tag. I really can't afford dry cleaning for such a basic item if I can get away with not...

That one pair is wet now, and it looks like the bottoms are getting a little messed up, and I noticed that they were difficult to iron before. Has anyone totally ruined these pants by washing them over and over?


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    I don't own these particular capris but I do own a pair of pants from Express that say dry clean only. I try to remember before buying anything to check the washing instructions because I don't have anything dry cleaned and can't afford it anyway. I wash the pants on a gentle/cold water cycle and let them air dry. So far they are fine.
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    I don't own those pants, but I own a sateen shirt. The best thing to do is either put them on the most gentle cycle with cold water, or better still, hand wash them in cold water. Line dry.
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    I never dry-clean items like that. I wash on cold/delicate and line dry, and I've never had a problem.
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