I have arrived!

GracelynGracelyn Posts: 65Registered Users
...and I intend to stay.

This place rocks!! (And, just that sentence shows that it does because I'm sitting here wondering where on earth the word "rocks" came from. I never use it like that! ...I kinda like how it feels. *keeps saying it*)

Anyway. I've known about the Curly Girl method for...a good long while now, and I've been poo-less for, well, over a year. It's been a long time. I've had extremely curly hair from the time I was really small, and over the years it has gone through it's rough times, but through some therapy sessions, strict talks, disciplinary actions, and bribes, my hair and I have come out better friends in the long run. :wink:

I'm still not convinced that we're quite at the level we could be, though. I like my hair and I'm happier with it than I used to be, but . . . it's still missing something. I think I might've found a place that could help me.

Anyway, my name is Grace. Hello. Nice to meet you.
3a/b - medium texture.


  • MichelleMichelle Administrator Posts: 742Administrators, Moderators Administrator

    What an enthusiastic introduction! Welcome. We're glad you found us. Loved your description of your curly hair journey. Sometimes, all it takes is a little tough love!


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