Recipe for Everyday Hair Cream

shellylbridgesshellylbridges Posts: 51Registered Users
Hi Ladies,

Does anyone have a recipe for a homemade Hair Cream to use every day?

I found a recipe for a butter cream but it involves hair gel and I don't want to use gel in the hair everyday.

I'm looking for a great creamy to use on the ends and shaft of hair to add luster, softness and bounce.
Something with maybe cocoa butter, glycerin or something like that?

Thanks in advance!


  • pammiecurlpammiecurl Posts: 93Registered Users
    Great post! I'd like to know this myself as I have been trying to locate a base so that I can add my own natural ingredients. Hopefully someone will post a good recipe.
  • BugEyeZBugEyeZ Posts: 314Registered Users Curl Novice
    shea butter, coconut oil, glycerin and aloe vera juice/gel, peppermint eo. mix n match. i eyeball ingredients so i don't have accurate measurements. i add what i think my hair needs most. i used this concoction on my hair the other night and boy was my hair soft...for hours. overnight! moist and soft. i didn't even need to wet it the next day, just added more concoction. use it on my body too. i've had it for months too!
    when all else
  • jujucabanajujucabana Posts: 153Registered Users
    ya i use coconut oil and aloe vera, and it always leaves my hair well conditioned and soft.

  • msjaimmsjaim Posts: 948Registered Users
    2 oz +1 tbs coconut oil
    1/4 cup cocoa butter
    1 tbs castor oil
    1/8 cup broccoli seed oil
    4 tsps shea butter
    1 tsp mango seed oil
    1 tsp flax seed oil

    melted cocoa butter and shea butter. mixed in other oils and refrigerated for 20 minutes. mixed up and let set at room temp.
    I also made another batch where I addeded burdock, calendula, hibiscus and evening primrose to simmer in the oils for about 1.5 hour to infuse & also added a lil geranium EO to it.. very nice

    u really dont even need to use it everyday .. & even though its light in texture, the ingrediants make it rich.. if that makes any sense... basically a lil goes a long way
  • shellylbridgesshellylbridges Posts: 51Registered Users
    Great ingredients, all natural!!!!

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