This is awesome!

I had stick straight hair until I had kids, and now I have realized that I can't be in denial anymore. At first I just had some wave, and now I realize that it is just CURLY. My hair is down to my shoulderblades, and I think I am a 3b, because I have definite corkscrews. At the top where it is shorter they are small, almost straw sized, and get larger on the sides and back, maybe the size of a Crayola marker. I thought at first that I looked messy when I wore my hair curly, and it was weird not brushing my hair, but all of my friends and coworkers love it, and I am getting more used to it.

I have decided to just go curly most of the time, and I am thinking about going no-poo. I need definite help with products.


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    yay! Ok, so you realize that in order to full be a member, you must submit pictures for us to ooooh and aaaahhhhh over, right? :D

    So glad you're going to try the CG (no poo) method. It's done nothing but good things for my hair.

    Product-wise, you just need to get a good, silicone-free condition to co wash with (believe it or not, Suave Naturals and V05's moisture milks series are the best I've used and they're like 1-2 bucks for a whole bottle). If you have drier hair, you might need to get something a little more heavy duty to ACTUALLY use as your conditioner (Biolage Conditioning balm works well for me, i just put it on my ends).

    You can still use cremes, gels, mousse, whatever... just make sure there aren't any ingredients with -cone, -xane or -conol at the end. All of those are non-water soluble, unless they have the word PEG- in front of the (I know... chemistry lesson!)

    There are a ton of threads about routines, products, accesories, etc around here and all the members are super super friendly and willing to help. Just post up any questions you might have and someone will help!
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    Welcome! Have fun!

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