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fodiwatafodiwata Posts: 3Registered Users
does anybody else notice how uncurly-friendly magazines are these days?
i get all excited over "NEW HAIR TIPS AND STYLES!"
and i open it up.
YAY! theyres a section for curly hair!
1) straighten hair
2) curl hair for loose, defined curls.
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  • I am: CurlySuperBlasianI am: CurlySuperBlasian Posts: 30Registered Users
    Dude, I totally know what you mean O_o

    I understand. Fashion magazines and even Hollywoods top stylist don't know how to manage curly hair...

    so they just give us the ****ty alternative.

    those aren't even instructions-- not even advice. their just suggestions that make us curly hair gals and guys feel like our hair isn't really the thing; we're rejects and unimportant in the hair biz...

    what were doing right now is trying to pioneer curly hair in general. don't pay anymind to those straight

    It's all about trial and error. :)
  • ponygirlcurtisponygirlcurtis Posts: 29Registered Users
    It's sooo annoying! I totally agree with you. I bet they're just jealous, so they try to make us straighten... lol.
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  • AlliyAlliy Posts: 73Registered Users
    I agree! It always involves SOMEHOW turning our lovely curls into straight horror. So boring.....*shudders*
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  • AngularScienceAngularScience Posts: 844Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    Another problem they have when they have those "quick, easy way to style your hair in the morning" articles is that none of those styles look good with curls. They always have to be super straight to look good. I'd like for them to have ways to keep the hair off my face that doesn't involve ponytails (which become boring) or braids (which, when I have 5 minutes to do my hair, does not work!).

    Also, they say that having curls is good and can be chic, but when it comes right down to it, all the editors have straight hair.
  • figiwater9figiwater9 Posts: 79Registered Users
    I COMPLETLEY UNDERSTAND! 17 is a big offender in this area. They'll have like "Cute Prom Hairstyles!" and like the wavy and straight and relaxed sections are really cute but then for the curly section they just have an afro! (Not that there's anything wrong with afros, but my hair isn't an afro!)

    Also, I noticed that about 90% of the time, their curly models are African Americans. Do they not realize that girls of every race and color have curly hair?
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  • CandycaneCandycane Posts: 291Registered Users
    lol-i dont buy those mags anymore
    i used to get the black hair care mag and everyones hair was straight-im pretty sure some black people have straight hair but come on-that is not black hair care.
  • Lil'curlsLil'curls Posts: 275Registered Users
    I read Girls Life (GL) and I wrote to their editor about this issue. My letter actually got in the magazine and they had a page about curls. I was thrilled that my letter got in there and that they responded, but when I looked at the article, I was disappointed. 2 out of 4 of the picture looked like they had been done with a curling iron. Michelle from this site gave her advice for the article, and there were lots of good product recomendation. If you were interested in this, it was the October/November issue, with Miranda Cosgrove on the cover.

    CosmoGirls also did a whole section about curls. They gave 3 different catagories, of tight, loose, and kinky. It gave some suggestions that were new to me. I thought it was a very good article. This is in the November Issue with Scarlett Johansen on the cover.

    But other than those, I have not seen anything that addresses different hair types. A lot of the times I see they will add in "If you have curls, iron them out." or something like that.
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  • iv3lliss3iv3lliss3 Posts: 75Registered Users
    I feel your pain. Well, I feel everybody's pain here! lol

    People just don't get that natural is beautiful. The people in the magazines dont know how to manage curly hair unless there's some type of heating involved! I've never seen ANYTHING about plopping or pineappling or what are good products for curly girls that are under 20 bucks. it's absolutely ridiculous.
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  • carlyisapiratecarlyisapirate Posts: 59Registered Users
    In the new issue of CosmoGIRL, there are four pages of how to take care of, and embrace your natural curls. I was so excited when I saw it, tee hee.
  • curly-jencurly-jen Posts: 22Registered Users
    I totally agree! my hairstylist doesn't even know what to do with my hair... granted i live in a small town, but damn... she tells me to pick a picture out of a magazine for the style I want... guess what, i can't find any!! in SA curly means ethnic... so all the styles in magazines that happen to be curly do NOT fit my type...:banghead:
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  • Irish_carrottopIrish_carrottop Posts: 214Registered Users
    o yeah!!!!!!!! i am nodding as i read this!:roll:
    i went to a website today w/ my friend cuz we were bored and wanted to do our hair. i looked at the curly section, and all they had were how to curl your hair, or weird prom things that i wouldn't want to wear... ever!
  • curlicarlycurlicarly Posts: 242Registered Users Curl Connoisseur
    COMPLETELY agree!! those kinds of articles make me soo mad -_-
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