im clueless.

avielbeeavielbee Posts: 2Registered Users
hey, im aviel. i have been searching for a maricle product for like three years now. but im losing hope.
so i was searching on the internet to see if i could find a site like this to help me. but ive found it & im so excited. oh yeah and im 3b? i think. but anyways i really like how my hair looks when it's damp becuase and its close to my head, longer & undercontrol. but right when it drys it gets really short frizzy and out of control. so i need to know if anyone knows a product that will help keep my hair close to my head and defined.

* by the way i HATE the crunchy look.*


  • MichelleMichelle Administrator Posts: 742Administrators, Moderators Administrator

    Don't lose hope! Many people have found their holy grail products here, and i have faith you will too! Check out the CurlProducts reviews and the CurlTalk 3b board.

  • avielbeeavielbee Posts: 2Registered Users
    i will check it out.:)

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