ugly bedspreads (warning: hurts your eyes)

yagottaloveyacurlsyagottaloveyacurls Posts: 5,766Registered Users
Is it just me, or does anyone else find this bedspread extremely...unsettling?



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    yep, it's uggo alright.
    That's right, I said it! I wear scrunchies!!

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  • yagottaloveyacurlsyagottaloveyacurls Posts: 5,766Registered Users
  • yagottaloveyacurlsyagottaloveyacurls Posts: 5,766Registered Users
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    I think I just had a seizure from looking at those circles.


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  • yagottaloveyacurlsyagottaloveyacurls Posts: 5,766Registered Users
    I want to take out my eyeballs.
    They're all skewed, now. :sad8:
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    It's so CONFUSING. It doesn't flow, so my eyes are all over the place, trying to find a pattern, and the colors blur, and now I feel like sporking out my eyes because ow.

    It's like a train wreck. Can't look awaaaaay.
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    Looks like eggs in various stages of rotting.
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    I like the brown and blue one just for the colors, the pattern I can do without

    There is just too much going on with those bedspreads, yuck!
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    CurlyEyes wrote: »
    It's so CONFUSING. It doesn't flow, so my eyes are all over the place, trying to find a pattern, and the colors blur, and now I feel like sporking out my eyes because ow.

    It's like a train wreck. Can't look awaaaaay.


    Looks like eggs in various stages of rotting.


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    That first one hypnotized me and name me feel nauseous. Lordy, those are nasty!

    I can't imagine having any of those in my bedroom, my bedroom is my sanctuary, not a place to drive me batty!
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    I'm telling Mr. Speckla to look away. He's already feeling nauseated!!:sad8:
  • SystemSystem Posts: 39,059 Administrator
    I LOVE bedspread #1!!! I like #2, but not as much as #1. (not too keen on #3, though...)

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    i actually don't hate #'s 1 and 2...but #3..oh my heck, it's hideous!
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    Ooooh, can you imagine having a little too much wine and coming into that? Talk about bed spins. Heck I might even have bed spins without the wine!:compress:
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    I like all three of them, but I love modern furnishings. I think they're hip and mod and I'd be happy with any of the three.

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    I like that first set. :oops:
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    I like #3. :oops:
  • empressriempressri Posts: 4,812Registered Users
    target or ikea? the circles make me want to hang it up on my wall and throw darts at it.
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    I like them. I think flowery chintzy bedding is ugly and horrible.
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