How do I make the back curlier?

goveg131goveg131 Posts: 2Registered Users
The front of my hair is very curly and bouncy (3a). But. the top 3/4 of the back is VERY straigh/ wavy. Sometimes its curly but most of the time ist just very slightly wavy. Is there any way that I can make my hair curlier in the back without heat??


  • Fanfarlo148Fanfarlo148 Posts: 151Registered Users
    It might be that your hair is being weighed down by it's length. If it's shorter in the front than the back, it might just be pulled down by all that weight, thus making it straight. Other than that I really can't think of any causes. What kind of haircut do you have?
  • goveg131goveg131 Posts: 2Registered Users
    My hair (when curly) is right at my shoulders and the front is almost the same length. Maybe a little shorter, but the sides curl too and they are the same length
  • Fanfarlo148Fanfarlo148 Posts: 151Registered Users
    Okay... Have you ever tried plopping it? Scrunch with a clear gel, then plop it for a couple hours until it's completely dried. That might encourage the back to curl better. :)
  • ponygirlcurtisponygirlcurtis Posts: 29Registered Users
    I have the same issue too. I cut my hair short hoping to make the back curl, but even though I'm lovin it, the top and back refuse to so more than make really loose waves.... If anyone has advide I would appreciate it as well!

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  • kayemmkay159kayemmkay159 Posts: 171Registered Users
    ah i have the same problem! maybe thats just a typical trait of 3a/3b hair?? idk i can usually make it curl but it doesnt look the same as the front because its not as naturl..i usually curl some of the back w/ heat to enhance it a little

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