What Am I Doing Wrong?

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Hey wuts up, Gorgeous Ones. I have a few dilemma's and need some help/advice.

FIASCO #1: When I do a 2-strand twist, i love how they look; neat, plump and soft. Unfortunately, when I try to rock a twist-out, they look DEPLORABLE! When I first did the BC back in MARCH 2008, I twisted and twisted out regularly...they looked great. NOW, not so great. Am I doing something wrong? No matter how big or small I do my twists, they look hideous. I've also tried taking them out at various days like the day after or even a week after...still hideous. I sometimes use gel and I always use Essential Balms' "Liquid Shea Butter with Jojoba & Honey" http://www.essentialbalms.com/essentialbalms.html . I tie my head at night. So anyway, it's so annoying cuz I see everyone's pages and they have great results...WHY NOT MEEEEE??!!!!

FIASCO #2: The very middle of my head, where the hair is the longest for me, is extremely itchy sometimes. The scalp there is very sensitive and tender and dry. It's the first place that begins to itch when my hair needs to wash. I put a light, organic oil on sometimes after I wash...it's good for a bit then the ITCHFEST continues. ANNOYING!

FIASCO #3: BC was back in March...it's now the end of August...BORED! My signature hairstyle (flat twists in the front, 2-strand twist in the back is getting old and annoying to do. I'm not a crazy hair fanatic and never been. I don't know how to be creative with hair (i came from a background of PONYTAILS and BUNS...mainly).

Anywho, the link to my pics is located below. There you will see my albums (by order of month) from my BC until now. I took pics of my disaster twistout and it's located at the end of the August 2008 album...don't worry, i didn't actually go outside looking like that...my hair was up prior to that.

Thanx everyone!

LAST RELAXER: December 2006 -
TRANSITIONED FOR: 1 year & 3 months -
BC: March 28th, 2008
NATURAL TEXTURE: 4a with some random 3c

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