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    I think it's meant to curl hair more. Anyway it was drying on my ahir.
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    I think it's meant to curl hair more. Anyway it was drying on my ahir.

    Hi there,

    thanks so much for responding. May I ask if you have used any of the other products from the line? If so, could you share your opinion of them with me, please?

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    Someone stole my [buylink=]Re:Coil[/buylink] when I was on vacation in the UK at a hostel, and I was furious and frizzy for the rest of my vacation. I love it -- it's all in how much you use.

    I finally bought another container of it yesterday because there was a sale at the salon product place at the mall.

    Anyway -- if you use a tiny amount, you can just tame frizz (I'm talking like half the size of a dime). If you use a dime-size amount, you can influence more curl, and anything past that will give you those really firm beach-style waves that make it look like your hair is always "still drying". It depends on your curl whether you can pull that look off -- I find on most people it just reminds me of those Top Ramen noodles, especially since they fry them blonde first.

    But yes -- I love mine, and my friend with curly hair loves hers', too. She also uses Fast Food from AG with it.
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