Another simple routine that is working well

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though i've read about this on numerous "green" boards, i've never tried this myself because i thought it would be drying. i added an extra ingredient to it, and it's been working well.

baking soda to cleanse scalp
acv to rinse

the cleanser:
1.5 heaping tablespoons of baking soda
3-5 squirts of apricot kernel oil (i added this to counter any possible drying effects of the bs)
warm water

combine the above ingredients until you have a smooth paste (not watery, not cakey)

the rinse:
1 teaspoon apple cider vinegar
2 cups warm water

thoroughly mix acv with warm water (those with short-medium hair may want to use 1/2 teaspoon acv diluted into 1 cup of warm water

i smooth the paste onto my scalp in sections and then massage it in well, working up sebum, sweat, dirt, odor, etc. pay extra attention to those areas of your scalp where your sebum has a tendency to collect. for me, those areas would be the sideburn hair in front of my ears, the area over and behind my ears, and the nape of my neck.

i rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water, massaging my scalp and squeezing the solution into the length of my hair so that it can benefit from the cleansing effects of the bs. i don't use styling products or commercial leave-in conditioners, so i don't have to focus on cleansing my hair so much.

next, i pour the vinegar rinse over my head and hair. i let it set for a couple of minutes before rinsing it with lukewarm water.

i gently blot my hair to get the drippies and apply a little apricot kernel oil to my hair only. my scalp is generally healthy and rarely needs oil on it.

this morning, my scalp and hair are clean and smell naturally fresh. i don't like my hair to smell like anything. but if you like fragrance, you could dilute an essential oil and mist it into your hair, or rub a little natural perfumed oil into your hair.

i think i'm going to modify my entire routine by:

1. replacing the bimonthly neutral henna treatments with green clay treatments (i get the same results and it's more economical, as i get more treatments from 8 ounces of clay than i do from the same amount of henna.)

2. cleansing and rinsing with baking soda and vinegar, respectively.

3. replacing my hallowed jojoba oil with apricot kernel oil. though jojoba oil is wonderful, it is costly, and i've made a commitment to cut down on my personal care expenses. apricot oil is a very good oil that sinks in, conditions, and doesn't leave greasiness on top of my hair. a plus is that it is renders no fragrance at all in my hair.
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    Sounds like a plan rainshower! I have all kinds of oils but save the jojoba for only every once in awhile because it is costly. I do have apricot kernel though and like it a lot. Shea is still the best for my hair though. :D
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    Apricot kernal oil, eh? I was going to buy some avacado oil tomarrow to try making some lip balm. My hair does not like plain jojoba oil on it, maybe this would be something to try.
  • AdeleAdele Posts: 30Registered Users
    Sounds nice. I'm gonna try this routine! :)

    I sometimes use baking soda to massage my scalp. Very useful.
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    Thanks for the baking soda recipe. I'm going to try it with another oil, maybe grapeseed or rice bran (very light)
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    I've heard that baking soda is good for clarifying the hair. I may have to try this.... On another note, I don't want to take your recipe without your permission, but I'd like to make your recipe available to members and viewers of my social website. Please pm me and let me know if I can use it, or visit the site, join and post it yourself. The link is in my siggie. I just started it so I'm looking to fill it up with helpful recipes and tips for home mixers. If you have any other recipes you think the readers will enjoy, please pm me.:toothy8:
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    rymorg2 wrote: »
    Shea is still the best for my hair though. :D

    How do you use the shea? A leave-in? Exactly what product is it?
    Thanks for the tips!
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    I wish I could see your hair !!! rainshower.
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    Thanks for sharing your routine. I like that its simple, inexpensive and it works. Would this be fine to do weekly?

    You mentioned that you don't use styling products or commercial leave-in conditioners. Would you mind sharing what styles you wear that don't require styling products? And do you make your own leave-in conditioners?

    Sorry for all the questions. With three curlies here, I love hearing ideas that will help keep the cost down.

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    I used to have a baking soda (diluted in water or made into a paste with a bit of cinnamon) then lemon/acv routine, but my hair was always still an oil-slick and very lacklustre. Baking soda is very harsh, so use it sparingly!
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    I've tried the acv and baking soda combo and while they seemed to get the build up out they also dried my hair.

    Then I tried just using the acv by itself and although it didn't dry my hair out it seemed to make my hair tangly and start clumping together. Another downside to me using acv is even using it it small quantities(half teaspoon diluted with 32oz water) that I noticed that my hair started breaking getting thinner and since I didn't hair thick hair to begin with I ended up leaving that particular recipe alone.:sad3:

    I think that I just have really weird hair and was really disappointed that acv didn't work wonders for my hair like it seems to have with many others.*shrugging shoulders* But as someone else said "You have to do what works for you".
  • mesocurlymesocurly Posts: 58Registered Users
    Thanks for the heads up. I tried it and had good results, but I will definitely use these sparingly.

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