Please help me with blowing straight my hair

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Super curly girl here! The only time my hair looks good straight is when my hair stylist takes a whole hour blowing it dry with round brush. Never looks anything like when she does it. What are your favorite products for making my frizzy, curly hair into nice silky and straight hair? In the past I have used phytodefrisant and kerastase oleo. I always need lots of serum and sometype of straightener. Please recommend your favorites. Also, what is your fave hairdryer? I have 2 flat irons- Chi and Sedu- seem to respond better to Chi. Any others that you like better?


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    lol, I was about to say "My CHI" until I finished reading your post.

    In all honesty, that's the ONLY thing that works... I can't blow dry it straight, it just ends up poofy and frizzy.

    Oh, and I was spraying "Zero Frizz Shine mist" on a section at a time before straightening it, but i can't find the spray anymore :( Sucks, it was like $3. V05 had a heat protector that worked pretty well and smelled nice though.
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    I have an HAI flat iron that I prefer to the CHI.

    But I haven't used it in a month.

    The only way to get my hair smooth was to blow for an hour and THEN iron!
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    I have to agree with what's been posted...I can blow it, but it doesn't straighten, I have to flat iron afterwards, I purchased a FHI, and it does well. But I right now, use John Frieda, frizzease, straight, then I use the Nexxus, Memory Sleek, the blow on seciton at a time, then I have to go back through with the flat iron...

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