Is Ojon's deep treament CG?

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  • sharie43sharie43 Posts: 77Registered Users
    Hi wiggilyhair, I too have been wondering about this product. I had been using it prior to cg. Hope I can use it again. I really like it, especially that fact I would put in on dry hair and sleep over night with it.
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    Looks CG to me. And I agree I love the thought of being able to put it on dry hair and leave overnight. I've been tempted to try putting a DT on dry hair anyway though. Maybe someone can chime in that's tried it since the Ojon is kinda pricy.
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  • WiggilyhairWiggilyhair Posts: 780Registered Users Curl Connoisseur
    At Sephora if you ask for a sample they usually give you a generous amount-free. It only takes a bit at a time for a treatment :wink:
  • sharie43sharie43 Posts: 77Registered Users
    Glad to see its cg I think I am going to start using again! Like wiggilyhair said it doesn't need to be a long time. I just chose overnight usually. On tv they even suggest a little for leave-in. Never tried that, think its too heavy my hair.

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