Don't Know Where I Belong?

MizzSweetzMizzSweetz Posts: 3Registered Users
Hey everybody, im VERY new to all this and i just decided to go natural about 3 weeks ago lol so im just trying to take in as much information as possible

My last relaxer was the beggining of June and im braiding my hair and putting in weaves to help me transition

(Im going away to college so i wouldnt have time to pamper it everyday)

Before this installment i was trying to figure out my hair type by looking at my new growth and i still don't know what is it

The hair right in the middle of my hair looked like tiny S's maybe like the diameter of a pencil

But the new growth around my temples just seemed to bunch up with no pattern?

I cant remember my hair ever being natural, i have baby pics of my but its just combed out into a big afro so i cant see if there was ever a curl pattern either

Help? im so lost
And anytips you wished you had known before u started transitioning? ANy help is greatly appreciated


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    First rule, don't worry about your hair type. I JUST learned what my hair type was recently, and that's because I cut my hair. Focus on the health, and moisturizing it diligently and protecting those ends.

    Read read read too!! You can't believe how much stuff there is you will learn about. It is fun though!!
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  • MizzSweetzMizzSweetz Posts: 3Registered Users
    Thanks! and ive been reading ALOT lol i always have like 5 different tabs open, can't even keep track,
    Any other suggestions?

  • KinkyPJKinkyPJ Posts: 297Registered Users
    Hi MizzSweetz, like Empressri suggested you should focus on healthy hair. I tried going natural on three occasions while in uni and all three attempts failed. I just want to share my experiences with you because I want you to be successful at this venture.

    First, find a support group which you’ve already done. Smashing J One of the reasons I think I was not successful on those three occasions was because all of my friends were permies and I really had no one to ask about what the natural process entails.

    Second, find a hairdresser that specializes in natural/transitioning hair. When I was trying to go natural and visiting my regular stylist, I was constantly told that I NEED to perm my hair. This made it so difficult b/c I thought my hairdresser should know better than me what my hair needs.

    Third, read read read. Yes, the more you read about the natural hair process, the more you are motivated to stick with it and develop a routine.

    Fourth, document your routine. This way you will get a sense of what works for you and what doesn’t. I try a lot of products and documenting the successes and disasters keeps my hair on track. Also include some hair goals in your journal and update your hair goals once you’ve reached them.

    Fifth, if a product doesn’t work for you bring it back, give it away or swap/sell it. No point in building up that product cemetery.

    Lastly, block all the negative thoughts/comments out. If you are stuck on how to block negativity try this, I breath in and out and say ‘in with faith *breathing in*, out with fear *breathing out*’; helps me distress as this journey has its ups and downs.

    I seriously could go on and on but I won’t. Good luck and enjoy the journey.
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    The one tip I really should've listened to was to have patience. After I BC'ed, my hair really didn't look good at all. I thought I made a huge mistake. After a couple of weeks of of babying my hair (and learning to accept what my hair can/can't do), it became more defined and soft, and now I really feel like this is me. One that helped me a lot was knowing that many people have multiple textures on their head, so they may have to treat some sections differently.

    Like Empressri & Kinky PJ stated, moisture is so important right now. And having people to talk to about frustrations/goals/etc. If I hadn't been reading the boards on here and other sites like this, I wouldn't have had the courage to cut my permed hair off or take care of my hair properly.

    I documented my product usage and what I used together, and this really helped alot. There will be a lot of trial and error,and you may have to tweak products so they can really work for you. Not everything works on everyone.

    Good Luck!
  • MizzSweetzMizzSweetz Posts: 3Registered Users
    Thanks so much for all of that information:)

    I do have one friend who is natural but she is def. like a 3c so she has different problems

    I need to find a salon that caters to transitioning and natural customers because my last stylist was Dominican and she didn't seem to want to deal with anything that wasn't relaxed, it shouldn't be so hard since i live in New York

    What do you guys know about transitioning with a texurizer?
  • OnyxCabeloOnyxCabelo Posts: 1,767Registered Users
    You've received awesome advice already - I just wanted to say, "Welcome"!!!:wave:
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    Eh, us threes have issues too!!! GAWD knows I had more than a million before I cut my hair. I'm sure I'll run into some more, but at the end of the day, dryness is dryness is dryness and so forth on :wink:.

    Also, don't be afraid to experiment with different styles. After awhile, I had TONS of ladies asking me where I got my hair done, and when I told them I did it myself they asked me to do theirs! lol

    I only go to my stylist for trims cause he keeps it shaped but I do everything else myself.
    Lady Hasytal in the Land of Product in the Order of the Curly Crusaders
    "Trust is knowing your SO would do the right thing in the face of strange vagina." Nej
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    MizzSweetz wrote: »
    What do you guys know about transitioning with a texurizer?

    i would advise against it. a texturizer is a weak relaxer. so if you did go that route, after your hair was texturized, you would still have to transition again.
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    Welcome Mizz Sweetz!!!!
    I def agree with all the advise already given and best of all READ, READ, READ, READ, READ!!!! Let me warn you; you are going to see a lot of heads with BEAUTIFUL, GORGEOUS hair but don't get discourage:wink: You will have to remember that everyones hair is different. and you know what is funny, even on one head, you can have several different hair types:toothy7: So, be patient.... I would suggest focusing on healthy hair and knowledge and growth will come.
    You know, I read on another board that tex-lax is the new natural but it isn't. The only thing that is natural, is natural. Oh.... don't forget to start reading what type of ingredient you are putting in your hair!!! I normally just google what ingredients are on the back label. You will be amazed. Remember, you can't treat natural hair as you would permed hair; it's not fair to your natural hair. That's it for me....

    Keep your hair happy!!!!:blob7:

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