OMG...Ashkins' got a fotki!!!!

curlynikkicurlynikki Posts: 2,420Registered Users Curl Neophyte
haha, sorry to put you on blast, but I know I wasn't the only one waiting for this day :D

Thanks Chica!!!

For those of you that haven't seen it yet, here's the link!

ETA: Girl, your hair is GORGEOUS!! I had so much fun browsing through your pics. Simply beautiful :D


  • teshonteshon Posts: 1,127Registered Users
    Thanks for posting Nikki! And weren't the only one hoping and waiting for this to happen! OMG...Ashkins, your hair is soooo beautiful! I'm so glad you got a fotki, girl. I need to be able to see more of that gorgeous mane whenever I want...consider me a stalker! :blob7:
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    I've already started stalking her album! Ashkins does have some beautiful hair!
    Lovin' my curly corkscrews!
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    I peeped her fotki a few days ago and added her to my friend list!
    Dare to be......remarkable!!!
  • Ashkins1118Ashkins1118 Posts: 786Registered Users
    Awww curlynikki, girl you got me over here with this big grin on my face! Thank you so much, this thread was such an awesome suprise! I have been meaning to get a fotki and im glad I finally did so i could join in on all teh fun picture stuff!!

    Thanks everyone for the compliments ! Me and my hair are so freakin happy right now! I've been wearing it up this week and feeling blah, so this is a definite pick me up! From a fellow stalker, thanks for the shout out!!!:toothy8:
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  • CurlyTDCurlyTD Posts: 116Registered Users
    Ashkins ur hair is FAB! I love it!!!

    I love it when I find another super thick haired curly b/c then I know I'm not alone:laughing7: You're doing a great job w/ your hair!
  • amaraliceamaralice Posts: 302Registered Users
    So glad you got a fotki. Your hair looks so healthy and long. How long have you been natural? Thanks for the hair album - inspirational :blob7:
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  • OnyxCabeloOnyxCabelo Posts: 1,767Registered Users
    Ashkins - your hair is amazing!! I'm so glad you started a fotki!!! I hope you'll keep us posted when you have updates - I wouldn't want to miss a thing!!
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    I wish my curls were just a tad looser :(

    rockin' to the tune of her own beat...

  • eccentric_kurlzeccentric_kurlz Posts: 4,151Registered Users Curl Connoisseur
    About friggin time, girl!!! GAWgeous!! :D
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    Amen! Just gawjust!
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  • foxycus02foxycus02 Posts: 918Registered Users
    Amen! Just gawjust!

    Heeeeyyyy (in a very alluring voice Hop over to my intervention post and talk to me about those herbal essence conditioners. Ive been eyeing those 4 a while but have never purchased.

    rockin' to the tune of her own beat...

  • wavezncurlzwavezncurlz Posts: 1,814Registered Users
    very pretty! I love how you have shown the diversity of your hair.
    Slightly off topic: I still don't get typing (and I've been here since 2001) Do you all consider Ashkin a 4a?

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