shea butter - which kind?

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I'm sorry if this has already been answered - I did a search in the forum and couldn't find it...

Is there a particluar type of shea butter (geographically) that works best? Also, do you use refined or unrefined? I've used unrefined for my hands before, and loved it, but wasn't sure how that would work on hair....

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    I have both unrefined shea butter and whipped shea butter. Either is fine, although I will say the whipped shea doesn't feel as heavy in my hair.
    Typically, I use the whipped shea butter in the summer on my ends or for a DT. I use the unrefined, heavier shea butter in my hair in the winter.

    Hope that helps!
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    I prefer it as natural as possible. That said, some unrefined is really stinky. I have both east and west african shea. I honestly think that I prefer the west for the summer, since the east is so soft naturally that it is almost TOO soft in the summer if that makes sense. I keep having to put it in the fridge to harden it. Any of them will work on your hair. I also have the whipped shea and like it too. I think I have six or seven types of shea now. :D
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    thanks for the replies! now, is the whipped version just creamier and of a better consistency? I remember the unrefined sample that I had really smelled...but I didn't mind it too much:wink:
    3a & hates mag sulfates
    currently using:
    Mop Top Shampoo or Eulence 1x week
    KBB nectar leave-in with KCCC

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