100% Henna at Whole Foods?

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I would like to try henna with my hair, and I think I have to go to Whole Foods today anyway .. so does anyone know if Whole Foods has henna, and if it is 100% or BAQ? If not, I'll just order it online, but it might be easier to just pick it up at WF. I was at hennaforhair.com and it said that sometimes the ingredients didn't say exactly what was in it so it may say it's totally natural henna, but it might not be. I don't want my hair to have a negative reaction because I got my hair dyed back to my regular color like six months ago so the dye is still on my hair, I just don't know exactly where ..
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    Funnily enough, my coworker just came back from lunch yesterday with this little booklet, all "I saw this and I just KNEW you'd want to see it!" (she likes to tease me about my hair obsession and calls this website my 'hair cult'). It was full of all the organic/natural things Whole Foods carries, as well as all these nifty tips (like not shampooing or using sulfate-free shampoo) that I was impressed they were giving out to people.

    one of the sections was about color, and it's mentioned that they do infact carry henna. It says "100% natural" and that is has "none of the usual controversial hair dye ingredients" but doesn't mention BAQ. Probably just because the average person wouldn't have a clue what it means lol

    Worth a shot though. Whole Foods is pretty respectable when it comes to their products and ingredients, and they should have it listed on the Henna package. And it SAYS they have people trained in haircare/salon facts so someone should be able to help and answer your questions if you need them to.
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    I wouldn't buy henna at WF. Not only because you don't know exactly what's in it, but also because it's probably old. Not enough people in the every-day world henna their hair for a brick&morter store to have enough product turnover to keep their henna stock fresh. Fresh henna is important...using old or improperly stored henna is a waste of time.
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    Ah, very good point. I guess I'll just order online, if it's good for my hair, I'll do it.
    Tarah - with an "H" :hello2:
    Always trying something new.

    I'm a curly college student, and LOVING it.
    "They say when you die your life flashes before your eyes - Make it worth watching."
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    The henna they carry at WF is rainbow henna. It's not BAQ at all, and though it says 100% and I've used it with no problems (but I've strand tested) it did nothing for my hair and according to hennaforhair.com it's a compound henna so I'm not using it again.
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