Wow! A whole new hair-world opens...

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I s'pose I share the same story as a lot of the other members. I grew up with a mom who brushed my hair out and blow-dried it every day...I continued the same trend through high school, got multiple PERMS, even! :laughing7:

Then I went for a few years cutting it extremely short, say, Annie Lennox short.

I didn't EVER realize I had curly hair until I grew it out and didn't have time to blowdry it/ brush it one day. Wow! But I'd always fight the curls. I'd go to a cheapy salon and the hairdresser would always ask me, "do you have a perm in there??"

(I should have walked out on that question...I guess.)
I've been lurking here for a week or so and started no-poo/CG three days ago. My curls are AMAZING! I'm going to try to go back to my natural color, and visit my very first curl-friendly salon, recommended here.

Thank you for being here. I'm a 3a-b. Going naturally curly is a BIG change, I used to just stuff my hair up into a baseball cap. I am regretting my last haircut, because now with my natural curls, the way it shrinks up it seems really...round. Hopefully the curl-friendly salon can help shape it to a more flattering shape!
CG start date: Aug 25
3a/b corkscrew curls


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    We're glad you're here!
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    Welcome. This site is great.
    Hair: tight waves to loose curls. Thick. Coarse. Dry. Natural redhead until bright white strands popped out. Color with FramColor now. Shampoo: alternate Phytojoba with Cowash: Suave coconut, Paul Brown or those that didn't work well as a conditioner. Conditioner: can't find one heavy enough. Product: Aveda Brilliant Humectant Pomade. DT: Coconut Oil

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