For anyone looking for a hair cut..

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So as you can see by the title this is for anyone who needs help looking for a new do.

i know its random but bringing in picture(s) of what you want will really help your stylist know exactly what you want.

first step is to figure out how long you want to cut it.
i suggest going for something shoulder length so your curls have life to them.

Second step is to figure out if you want bangs or not. if your not into bangs or the droopy curls down your face look, try shorter curls at the top of your head.

third step. find a great stylist and book an appointment!! dont be scare to try something new. after all its only hair. it will grow back!!
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    I do that all the time. I just search what I want and when I find it I either print it out or find out what type of style it is so I can get my hair cut that way.
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    Recently I made the decision to cut my hair way short! I love it, but some of my friends are telling me it looked better long. Most adults love it short. Kinda confusing. My hair is mostly curly in the front, just wavy in the back, so it being short makes the back have more body... The curls in the front look kind of like a curly crown... Should I keep it short or try growing it out again???
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