been using Preference color and want to switch to Natural Instincts

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I've been using permanent color for years, Preference in this case, but since my hair is longer, I'm concerned about long-term damage from doing this. I want to switch to Natural Instincts(which I've used as a glossing/haircolor-reviver product). I know people really recommend Robert Craig,but I just want to be able to pick my color up at the drugstore and not have to order online. I have uneven grey distribution in my hair, with most of it at the crown, and evenly distributed through the rest of my hair. My non-grey hair(virgin, that is) is brown-black, and I colored it to a reddish brown which does look nice, but I would like to get into a demi-permanent color like the NI, so I don't have such a flat look any more aside from the damage incurred by permanent colors. I'm not in the market for pricey conditioners and deep treatments either - drugstore or home-made is my speed. Also, I'm thinking that when I AM ready to grow out my grey, it would be easier with having used a demi-permanent color in my hair for awhile, correct?
I know, alot of questions here, but I need to know this stuff. I'm due to color pretty soon, like in the next couple of days or so, so I need to know soon. If the demi-permanent color is a good option or me, I would start this this time around! Thanks for any ideas, and I repeat, no special online-only colors.
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    Demi-permanent won't lift color, so if your virgin roots are brown-black, they're not going to lift reddish-brown.
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    I know that NI doesn't lift, actually I would like to get my hair back closer to it's natural non-grey color. What I am hoping is that a medium warm brown shade like Cinnamon Stick in NI will do it, plus make my greys into a natural-looking lighter warm brown.
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    I have dark brown hair, copper/golden highlights in the sun, with gray coming in on top and more sparsely on the sides. My goal is the same as yours, close to natural color or slightly warmer, then lighter gold/warm for the grays. I'm no expert but my experience has been good the few times I've used Natural Instincts and have settled on the medium warm brown as my best color choice, with medium golden brown as an option. It also lasts much longer on me than what the box says. At some point I'd like to have a little bit of dimensional color done by my curly hair stylist, but not just yet. Still recovering from a bad highlight job where I had to have an expensive professional color correction. And I'm still new to curly hair care. ;) Would love to hear other any ideas.
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