Helppp looking for a new haircut.

AngelicaCurlsAngelicaCurls Posts: 3Registered Users
I'm going back to school in like 2 weeks, and im looking for a new haircut.
My curl is 3b.
I want to go back to school and everyone just be like OMG!
Any ideas?
Here are some pix of me and my obnoxious hair:
My hairstraight:


  • cjohnson2010cjohnson2010 Posts: 58Registered Users
    It's funny how you think your hair is obnoxious, because I think it's beautiful. Unfortunately, I can't offer many suggestions for you because I'm new to this site and still learning. I know a lot of the times, people suggest layers.. Or maybe some sort of bang, if you are up to maintaining that.
  • EricurlsEricurls Posts: 12Registered Users
    Well first of you are stunningly beautiful and your hair is really nice.
    maybe you should dye it a lighter color and add some hi-lights. here is a pic i found on google. lol i think, if anything, it will make your natural beauty stand out!

    heres the link.
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  • ponygirlcurtisponygirlcurtis Posts: 29Registered Users
    Your hair is soooo pretty! I love it curly! I'm not one really with qualifications to give any advice on the subject... but I think you would look beautiful with some highlights!
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